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Tree Services in Queens with Lots of Experience

There is one tree in my yard that really scares me, more than the rest, and if I only have enough money to get one of them cut down, it would be the one. I am not sure if I am going to be able to afford it right now, but I am somehow going to make it happen. So I am going to see by seeking out a tree service in Queens NY to do the job for me, and I want to hire a company that has a lot of experience with this type of work, because I think that this might be a kind of tricky job, and I really do not want for anything to go badly.

I am not sure if I am overestimating how much danger this tree puts my house in, but it does seem like it poses a great threat to the house. Especially if a violent storm were to come along and blow on it just right. (more…)

The Needs and Benefits of Professional Insurance

In this competitive world, every business has to proactively take steps to ensure that the company can overcome the vast majority of risks that threaten the existence of the company. Getting your business and the related people insured against all potential risks is the best way to go. Many insurance companies today have come out with insurance plans that address the specific needs of businesses. Commercial insurance protects the assets, personnel, and also covers all liability in case of damages to a third party. Without such insurance any accidents at the workplace that causes damage to your assets and injury to your personnel can not only cost you huge sums of money, but will also mean that you’d have to take time out of production to fix these things.

Legal actions are also a possibility in such cases, and this too will cost you a lot of time and money. The following are some reasons why such insurance should be one of the top priorities of an organization.

Protection from Unforeseen Perils
Damages to assets due to fire accidents, lightning, earthquake, and storm are something that could happen to any company. The best solution for this would be to get a business insurance that would not only cover damages to your buildings and the contents within, but would also cover the loss of profits due to the interruption of business in such scenarios. This would minimize the impact that unforeseen perils have on your business. If your organization isn’t covered for these damages, it might become impossible to get back on track with production and revenue generation.

Personnel Protection
Any accident within the organization that injures or disables a person is another instance where the company would be held liable. You would have to take care of all the medical expenses of the victim, and if the victim chooses to take legal action, you would also have to incur further expenses. This too could greatly affect the workings of your business, and insuring the company against such accidents would save you a whole lot of troubles and expenditures. This insurance would also cover your employees’ loss of income due to the inability to work brought about by accidents, illnesses or disabilities.

Burglary and Loss of Goods in Transit
This insurance would also act as a protection if any assets or money is burgled from the company premises. It would also cover loss due to theft of money and other negotiable instruments in transit. Another major loss could be in damages to goods in transit. This insurance would cover damages to goods that are being transported by rail, road or ship.

Online Insurance Adjuster Training

The average student profile of those seeking to be adjusters is somewhere in the neighborhood of the late 40’s. Most of those who learn about the exciting career of insurance adjusting have done so because of someone they know or someone they’ve met in their current career that is an adjuster. Many come from professions that involve remodeling or roofing and other types of construction that interact with adjusters from time to time. Although this isn’t an absolute, it is generally a good characterization of most entering the field of adjusting.

So once you’ve become curious of what it takes to be an adjuster, one of the first things on your list is to get your adjuster license. To be an adjuster, you must first look to your home state for your resident adjuster license. There are a few states that will allow you to get a non-resident adjuster license without getting your home state adjuster license, but I would highly recommend you start with your home state. If you happen to live in a state that doesn’t require an adjuster license, the most common state to get licensed in is Texas as a “designated home state”.

So you go to Google and type in “Texas Insurance Adjuster License” and you are hit with page after page of people offering licensing classes. What you may or may not realize, though, is that there are a few that offer online classes to get your adjusters license. I’ve looked at many offerings of both live and online classes and more often than not, have seen poorly done classes. All of them do what they say, though. They get you your certificate to submit to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and get your insurance adjuster license. What they differ greatly in is getting you the knowledge that you need to be a successful insurance adjuster.

I’ve looked at online classes that provide you with questions that have nothing to do with insurance or the topic being discussed. They are obviously written by some poor guy in a cubicle that was told to get the class out there and had no knowledge of being an adjuster. Did the state approve the class? Sure. But would you learn anything from it? Probably not.

As a general guideline, look for classes that are taught by actual adjusters. They will give you real world information that is practical for someone in the field.

So why look at online training? Many who find these online classes are not initially looking for online training, but they find it is an incredible value. Online classes are generally cheaper as far as initial cost. Online classes can also be done at any time. So you will not have to take off 3-4 days to take a live class somewhere. This can be a huge cost savings in and of itself. Finally, with online classes you eliminate travel and hotel expense of traveling to a major city where they are being offered. Adding this all together, the cost difference between a live and online class can be $1,000 – $2,000.

Most people only look at the initial cost of the class and forget all the other expenses that go along with traveling to and from the training location. A common objection of some is that they are not good with computers. Online training is simpler than it has ever been in the past. Technology has come a long ways. I know my company strives to create a live classroom feel in its online classes. Not all companies do this, though, so ask questions before you put your money on the table. As an adjuster, you will need to develop your computer skills to a competent level to be successful in the field. This is just another reason to look toward technology and not shy away from it.

More and more duties as an adjuster rely on technology. We are even starting to see carrier certifications move to online environments. Embrace technology and learn all you can for a successful career.

4 Ways to Protect Company Vehicles

In today’s world, having a fleet of company vehicles isn’t easy or inexpensive. Not only do you have to worry about what your employees are doing with your vehicles when you aren’t looking, you have to worry about having enough money to replace the vehicles should they fail you. You can cut down on these worries if you follow a few rules and set some examples on how a company vehicle should be treated.

Make rules clear to employees and enforce them. If you do not want your employees using the vehicles for personal use, then be clear about that in your company handbook. If employees will be responsible for vehicle upkeep, make it a part of the rules. Anything that can save you from having to replace these cars due to lack of care or irresponsible actions should be set in writing and employees should provide signatures to acknowledge the rules.

Make sure you go over the rules with employees instead of relying on them to read the rules carefully. Also be clear about the consequences of breaking the rules. These should also be outlined and enforced. Letting one employee slide on the rules sends a clear message to the others that you do not take the company rules and policies seriously. You don’t want to send that message, so always abide by the rules.

Conduct regular inspections on your vehicle fleet.You will not know how the employees are taking care of the vehicles if you do not regularly check them. Make it a point to give surprise inspections to weed out the employees that do not take care of the cars unless they know that you are going to be inspecting them. These employees may need to have their privileges with company cars revoked for some time.

Make sure that you provide a timeline of when the vehicles must be inspected and cared for by a professional mechanic. If your employee does not meet the deadlines, he or she should be reprimanded. Being strict about the care of your company vehicles can save you a lot of money from damage and neglect in the long run. This is especially true for those people who have small businesses.

Provide incentives to anyone who uses your cars to take great care of the cars. There are a lot of employees who do not do much unless there is an incentive to do so. At inspection time, you should give a reward to those employees who take good care of their cars. This may be by treating them with an appropriate gift or by giving them an opportunity to buy the car after so long.

The incentive to buy the car after a period of time typically makes employees who want to do so take better care of the car. You may want to offer the car after it has a certain amount of mileage on it or after so many years. You will probably see a big difference in the way your employees treat the company vehicles once they know that these cars could be their own for a discount.

Make sure you do not make yourself exempt from taking care of your own company car. When you are busy taking care of the company, it can be easy to neglect the company car that you drive. You must remember that you are setting an example for the rest of your employees in all of your actions. If they see that you are not taking care of the car that you drive, they may feel that you do not care about the care of the cars.

Send a positive message to your employees through your own actions and your words. Your employees will respond back in a positive way, and you will be protecting your investments.

Evans & Lewis Insurance was formed by two individuals with extensive experience in commercial vehicles and specialist motor trade insurances services. Their main goal is to provide affordable insurance to the motor trade sector which is free of hassles and different from other insurance companies. Road risk, truck and van, and motor fleet insurance are just a few things that Evan & Lewis Insurance can discuss with you to help you decide which is best for you and your business.

How Necessary Is Travel Insurance for Family Holidays?

Many people find they’re counting the pennies at the time they book their annual family holiday, and perhaps even more so as their departure date appears on the horizon. If you’re looking for a few economies, it’s perhaps perfectly natural to start wondering about whether or not you really need to invest in travel insurance for family holidays or if you can get by without it.

Let’s have a look at the issues involved.

Medical costs – European Union

If you’re visiting a country of the European Union and have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC – freely available from the NHS), you’ll be entitled to emergency cover on the same basis as the citizens of the country you’re in. Try to remember, though, that won’t cover things like medical repatriation, should you need it, or the costs of your family members being forced to stay on longer than planned. You’ll need medical cover to help cope with those and other similar related costs.

Medical costs – Outside of European Union

In countries outside of the EU, such cover might be even more essential. For example, in some parts of the world, if you’re ill and need medical attention, unless you can prove your ability to pay through cash or an appropriate policy the medical consequences might be truly horrific.

Non-medical costs

When you’re on holiday, it’s a sad fact that you’re also at additional risk in certain areas.
If you don’t know, you should be aware that, whether in the UK or overseas, there are specialist thieves and criminals that target holidaymakers. Luggage or personal possessions can be stolen and you’ll need to live with the cost of replacing them unless you have some form of travel insurance. For family groups this is even more important.

Then there is simple misfortune. What would happen if you’d paid for your tickets and accommodation but then were forced to cancel at the last moment, due to personal illness or that of a close family member? What would happen if your airline or holiday company collapsed? Would you have the finances to cope with needing to replace your luggage if it had been lost en-route?

It’s tempting to sometimes think that such situations would be dealt with by ‘someone else’, but would they? As an illustration, if you’ve booked a hotel privately and find upon arrival you’re double-booked or that it has closed down, you may find it very hard to progress a claim against them.

Peace of mind

When you go away, it’s a fair bet that you’re hoping to achieve a degree of tranquillity and peace of mind. Sitting around worrying about what might happen if, for example, you’re forced to cancel your trip, and the financial hit you’ll take in writing off the expenditure to date, won’t help you to achieve that.

In essence, that’s why travel insurance for family holidays is important even if you don’t need to call upon it – the provision of that peace of mind.

The Price Of Success Is Everything

People look to be successful in life. The typical that we can and will be successful because we are willing to try hard. We work from sun up to sundown and we will be successful in all that we do.

Although many wish that would be true, the fact is that it is not. The price one must be willing to pay is everything. But it’s not always the everything people think it is.

I have had the pleasure of being both employee and employer. In this capacity you get to sit on one side of the interview desk trying to convince someone else that you are a good fit for their company. On the other hand as an employer you get to try to access whether someone will be a good fit for your company. Most times people focus on the resume and past performance to determine potential success. I know I have and sadly, it seldom works.

Let me begin with sharing with you four common fallacies that result from thinking success can come through only hard work;

1) Don’t believe that future success is measured by what you have done before. Although the past is an indication of what you have been able to do, it is not the best indication of what you will do in the future. We must gauge our future success by our present performance. What you do today with the opportunity you have before you will determine how far you go.

2) Any time you have fallen into a slump take the time to learn more about the business you are in so that you can reinvent the way you approach it and make adjustments. Change is inevitable for future success.

3) Impatience due to working somewhere and not experiencing immediate success does not mean you are in the profession or career. It can mean you will need time to improve yourself to function at the level you believe you are capable of.

4) If you focus too much on your problems, you wont see your solutions. Every problem has a way to be fixed. The key is staying focused on your end result so that you can see what that solution is. Most of the inventions we use today came about because a problem existed and people worked diligently to find a solution that worked. In time they did just that.

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